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DIY Website Editor
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Buzan Centre Australia
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Thursday July 16, 2009
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Case Studies

Buzan Centre
Buzan Centre

In 2001 Mindwerx International established the Buzan Centre in Australia and is proud to present Tony Buzan's official Mind MappingŪ and Speed Reading, Memory and other training and accreditation programs. The vision of the Buzan Centres is to help you: Expand Your Mind.

Buzan have been using DIY Website Editor for 2 years and began using it as they often need to update their website with workshop dates and new products.

They have found the software to be very easy to use and a quick to way to edit, add and create new pages on their website.

As Buzan Centre Australia is the most visited of all the Buzan web sites and has people visiting the site from all over the world, including the UK (home of Tony Buzan!), keeping the website up to date with new content is vital.

Melissa and the team are always there to help should I need it but I can do everything I need to myself from my own pc.

Most beneficial is the saving of money rather than having to buy an expensive web editing software package.

Debbie Jarrard
Buzan Centre Australia

Bounce Back Fast
Bounce Back Fast

For the past 15 years Micheal Licenblat has helped many thousands of business and professional people become 'Pressure Proof' so that they bounce back fast from the stress, tension or burn out in their work or life.

Michael began using DIY Website Editor for the Bounce Back Fast website as he needed to be able to update the website at a moments notice. He now uses DIY Website Editor for all three of his websites:

Recently, Michael was able to create, from scratch, the 12+ page www.stretchsmart.com website in about 3 1/2 days - the website includes an email form, articles and graphics. "The software is so easy to use I just cannot imagine running my business without it", Michael says.

On his e-book website, Michael is able change virtually anything and this has allowed him to test what is the most effective copy, layout, colours, etc., that will convert visitors into customers. By doing this, it has helped Michael to generate thousands of extra dollars in revenue that he may otherwise have never been able to do, if he had to ask someone else to make those changes.

I can make changes myself - even at 1am in the morning - I don't need to bother Melissa about changing the wording, adding a new page, putting up an article, picture, or link.

Having said that, if I ever need advice, I don't need to submit a ticket and wait a week for a response - I just pick up the phone and get an answer right there and then.

Michael Licenblat
Bouce Back Fast


Rinnovate is a "one-stop shop" for small-to-medium business owners seeking support, guidance or the inspiration to succeed. Whether you're just starting up, or already in business, Rinnovate will help you to unlock the hidden value in your enterprise and achieve lasting success.

John Evans of Rinnovate needed a solution that would allow him to be able to add extra content to the Rinnovate website, to update existing content, to change graphics, and to keep the "What's New" section of the website up to date.

John has found that DIY Website Editor allows him to make changes at a time that is convenient to his schedule, and without incurring additional cost. He has found that it is very user-friendly and that he can trial certain changes and view them without having to go back and forth with an external person.

I recently added extra content to the site and this generated an enquiry that led to a new client.

Overall, I have found DIY Website Editor to be a very useful service.

John Evans

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